There are a number of areas to consider when building or updating a network infrastructure, with many products to choose from that vary in performance and cost.

MAC Advertising and Technology has the experience to assess your business needs and find the correct solution, with a performing carrier, to address those needs. The first thing to accept is that not all Wide Area Network (WAN) services are the same! MAC Advertising and Technology considers all the important aspects surrounding the top three criteria to ensure your requirements are scoped and the correct carrier is selected to operate in line with the applications and number of users you have today and plan for tomorrow.

We have experience in the design, implementation and management of IT Solutions across varied business sectors. The initial tailoring will be achieved through understanding the way in which your data needs to be accessed by office and mobile employees, the storage required to run your applications and the options for locating your data.

Once your robust, scalable, flexible and secure environment upon which your business applications are accessed is in place, MAC Advertising and Technology can provide you with a fully managed service of in-house Infrastructure Management, Backup Solutions and Support Solutions to ensure that your technical solution remains available yet secure.